William Lederer

President and CEO

William Lederer is President and CEO of CIEX Incorporated, a consulting firm specializing in Application Security. In the past the firm has designed and developed financial data feeds, technical documentation, technology training and education, server side web construction, and enterprise architecture. CIEX was founded in 1992 as a successor firm to William G. Lederer and Associates, a firm that provided essentially similar services.

While the two firms have successfully served small and mid-sized businesses the focus has been on Fortune 500 companies having operations that are national and international in scope.

In 2010, he joined Matasano (Now NCC) as a Security Consultant. While there, he assessed many dozens of web sites, performed source code review of large codebases, and discovered a previously unreported flaw in an open-source security project.

Prior to founding his consulting practice, Mr. Lederer served as Director of Product Development for Datalogics, a Chicago based firm that provided systems software solutions for the most demanding publishing applications in the government, aerospace, automotive, financial and legal industries on an international basis.

He also served as Vice President and General Manager of Mark Williams Company, a Chicago based developer, marketer and distributor of a UNIX-like operating system and C compilers.

Mr. Lederer was also key in the design and development of a real-time medical data collection system for a nationwide Electrocardiogram Analysis service, the first of its kind.

He is interested in the following programming technologies: